Act 4 Inclusion rejects Johnson’s illusion

Act4 Inclusion is a campaign organisation that believes the current
system of Social Care is broken beyond repair, not fit for purpose nor
democratically controlled. It fails to give dignity and respect or ensure
those who need support can have control over their preferred lifestyles.

On 7th September 2021 the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced new plans
to reform health and social care funding which will include raising taxes which will
hit ordinary people and not the wealthy. The bottom line is that Johnson’s plans
will not resolve the crisis it is a cruel illusion.

We would like you to support us in spearheading a movement to develop a new
community based eco-social system which bases support on taking into account the
ecological and social issues that impact upon people’s lives. Adopting such a
perspective paves the way to a transformative approach for social support in the future
Independent Living can be developed through a community based eco-social system
ensuring civil and human rights.

A new national service would adopt a holistic approach towards delivering services These services would employ coproduction to put individuals and groups at the centre of identifying and addressing barriers to independent living We believe services ought to be free at point of use.

We want the new national service delivered via community based services that work for
all disabled people, of all ages, with all types of impairment, other service users and for
everyone in society.

Join our campaign and act for inclusion

For general enquiries or if you wish to contact the officers, you can email: [email protected]

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