About Us

Choice. Control. Independence.

We are a non-party political campaigning organisation involving disabled people, carers, trade unionists, activists, academics and health and social care professionals and workers.

We are a coalition of individual members and affiliated organisations campaigning for all social support, independent living and care services to be: 

  • Free at the point of use 
  • Fully funded through progressive taxation 
  • Subject to national standards based on article 19 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, addressing people’s aspirations and choices and with robust safeguarding procedures. 
  • Publicly and democratically run, designed, and delivered locally and co-productively involving service users, disabled people and carers, sector workers, communities, Local Authorities, and the NHS.
  • Underpinned by a workforce who have appropriate  training, qualifications, career structure, pay and conditions. 
  • Committed to giving informal carers the rights and support they need. 


If you agree with our aims and want to get involved in campaigning, or are simply someone who wants a properly funded and resourced care support system, please join us.


If your organisation, trade union, or campaign group supports our objectives, please affiliate. Together we can do so much more.


Dingle Lane Farm

Dingle Lane, Hilderstone

Stone, ST15 8SG