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We are a non-party political campaigning organisation involving disabled people, carers, trade unionists, activists, academics and health and social care professionals and workers.

Act 4 Inclusion launched its new name and logo at its meeting on 28th October 2021.  

You can watch the official launch and hear speakers from the European Network on Independent Living, Reclaiming our Futures Alliance, Care and Support Workers Organise, Liberation, and more all talking about Independent Living and Co-Production on YouTube 

National Insurance Rise

On 7th September 2021, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced new plans to reform health and social care funding which will include raising National Insurance (NI) via a levy. Many argue that increasing the tax will punish the young and worse off.

Johnson’s new plan will lead to a NI increase of around 1.25 per cent, thus raising £10bn a year, but this will also lead to limiting a rise in the state pension.

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