Choice. Control. Independence.

We are a non-party political campaigning organisation involving disabled people, carers, trade unionists, activists, academics and health and social care professionals and workers.

The Official Launch of Act 4 Inclusion 
Choice, Control, and Independence 
28th October 2021 
7pm – 9pm 

On the 22nd of May 2021 at the AGM Reclaim Social Care the campaign organisation adopted a new vision and strategy alongside voting to change its name to Act 4 Inclusion. We wish to invite you and anyone you know who is interested in addressing the current crisis within Social Care along to our official launch.

Act 4 Inclusion wants to see the development of a new national service framed by a community based eco–social system which needs to work for all disabled people, of all ages, with all types of impairment, and for everyone in society. A community based eco–social system would take an intersectional approach towards policy making, considering the differential impact of universal and targeted policies across the diversity of disabled people and other service users. 

Using a community based eco-social approach for understanding the basic relationships between service users and their environments moves away from traditional need-led assessment procedures towards addressing how to create inclusive participation in both local communities and wider society. Effective inclusive participation enables individuals and communities to work together to build capacity in shaping and engaging in decision-making processes through coproduction and the development of confidence, skills, knowledge and experience. 

Alongside our new Vision we have a fresh Strategy involving: 

·        Strengthening the resistance to cuts 

·        Safeguarding and deinstitutionalisation 

·        Campaigning, development, and promotion 

·        Using a community based eco-social approach 

Our launch will hear from invited international and national speakers from campaign bodies Act 4 Inclusion hopes to work alongside in the future. We will also reveal our new logo

The launch will be by Zoom.  Please register to ensure you receive the link to join. 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. 

If you have any access requirements, please email by 14th October 2021 to discuss. 

If you are not already a member or delegate from an affiliated organisation details of how you can join are on our website 

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National Insurance Rise

On 7th September 2021, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced new plans to reform health and social care funding which will include raising National Insurance (NI) via a levy. Many argue that increasing the tax will punish the young and worse off.

Johnson’s new plan will lead to a NI increase of around 1.25 per cent, thus raising £10bn a year, but this will also lead to limiting a rise in the state pension.

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